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Anti-Abortion Fiesta! Menu Suggestions

A woman's work is never done, so they say. And if you're Gov. Rick

Scott's kind of gal, you might be even busier these next few days

planning your own anti-abortion house party. Indeed, what better way to connect with neighborhood right-to-lifers than a casual shindig, celebrating four new laws that make it even harder for women to access abortion?

And while planning a menu that's both kid-friendly and pastor-approved is stressful enough, you also have to think hard about

what kind of foods go with a sanctity-of-life theme (jalapeño

cheese poppers) and what dishes don't (deviled eggs.)

Clean Plate Charlie wants to help you avoid these faux pas so that you can focus on more

important (and fun) things, like hanging Gloria Steinem pinatas and

blending virgin margaritas. So check out three foods not to serve at an anti-abortion party. 


So cute, it's unreal.


Never has there been a better celebration of new life than the Disney classic Bambi.

Sure, the young, saucer-eyed doe winds up an orphan when a hunter kills

his mom, but any learned conservative will tell you: God gave man

dominion over the fish and fowl, which is how we get delicious deer meat

in the first place. If you do serve venison, however holy it is,

liberals can and will use this part of the plot to complain about

everything involving women and children's health -- from the plight of young,

single mothers to Gov. Scott's cuts to social services.

Some like it cold.

Veal Tartare


thing about iron-deprived baby cows: They're almost too tender to eat.

Almost. Even better than a nice, hot, saucy plate of osso buco, though,

is a chilled heap of raw veal meat. The only problem neocons might have

with uncooked calf flesh: It's from a bovine infant, which could be

perceived as somewhat less than right-to-life-y.

Yeah, there's no way to write a tasteful caption.


This Filipino specialty consists of a fertilized duck embryo. What else can be said?

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