Arby's Buys Pharrell's Hat in Charity Auction: "We're Happy to Get our Hat Back"

Sometimes what a person wears becomes iconic. Take, for example, Elvis' rhinestone-studded jumpsuit, Marilyn Monroe's White halter dress, or Pharrell Williams' hat.

The brown Vivienne Westwood chapeau shot to fame at the Grammy Awards, where people admired the cross between National Park Ranger head gear and a giant brown traffic cone.

The hat, which has its own Twitter account @Pharrell'sHat became as famous as the head it rested upon. Even roast beef giant Arby's got in on the fun, tweeting that it wanted its hat back. The fast-food chain had a point, after all. The famous Arby's sign looks just like Pharrell's trendy headgear.

What seemed like a good-natured little Twitter gag turned into reality after the "Happy" singer put said hat on the auction block to raise money for his From One Hand to AnOther foundation, which helps kids stay in school and receive the right tools to succeed in life.

The famous lid was put on eBay, where it received 131 bids and sold for $44,100. Pharrell tweeted a shoutout to thank whoever bought the hat:

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