Ask the Food Critic: What's Up With Crabby's Smoke House?


Do you know if Crabby's Smoke House BBQ and Seafood are still open?

I have heard conflicting reports

Ani Corbett

Orlando Florida


I had assumed that Crabby’s was very much still going strong, but after reading your email I tried calling and, sure enough, the phone has been disconnected. Sadly, we have to assume that Crabby’s smoldering black oak fire, over which some great barbecue and old-style Southern cooking used to take place, has been extinguished (New Times Best Soul Food, 2006). I’ll particulary miss their garlic crabs, arguably the best in South Florida. Great hush puppies, collards, and mac ‘n’ cheese, too. This is bad news for residents of Opa-locka, who rarely seem to get news of any other sort.

Ani, I’d suggest you take the drive to Tom Jenkins BBQ, 1236 S Federal Hwy.,Fort Lauderdale; 954-522-5046. They don’t have garlic crabs, but nobody, not even Crabby, has ever put out better barbecue in these parts.

Email your questions to food critic Lee Klein.

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