Baconalia Is Back: Free Bacon From Denny's!

Here's something to absolutely make your Friday complete! Not only is it the last day of the workweek... not only is St. Patrick's Day this weekend... but it's time for Baconalia!

That's right, folks! Denny's is celebrating everyone's favorite taste treat -- bacon -- in its annual wild and porky feeding frenzy!

This year's Baconalia menu is even more decadent (and dare-worthy) than last year's and includes caramel- and bacon-stuffed French toast; BBQ bacon mac 'n cheese bites; a salted caramel and bacon brownie sundae; and a maple bacon milk shake in addition to the usual bacon slams, burgers, and BLTs.

There's even a special Baconalia website where you can download bacon

themed memes, watch videos in which things go horribly wrong (but bacon

makes it better), and buy an awesome commemorative plate for only


The plate features bacon floating in the skies, as the American Flag waves in the breeze. And it's real, folks! It's real!

But the best part of Baconalia (and the part that got us weeping

for joy) is the free bacon! Just share the Baconalia page on Facebook

(and sign up for Denny's Rewards) and you'll get a coupon emailed to

you good for two free strips of bacon. That's one sweet (and salty)


Here's the amazing infomercial for the Crispy Goodness plate. Tell us you don't want to eat some pig flesh on this baby:

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