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BaconFest Florida: The Eight Best Bacon Foods We Ate

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Best Use of Bacon as Super Bowl Entree

Bru's Room's Triple Colossal Bacon Threat Wings

These mouthwatering wings from Bru's Room came wrapped in the crispiest bacon of the night. Smothered in Bru's Triple Threat Sauce they effused hints of tangy  BBQ sauce and sweet honey. The wings were exquisitely tender to bite and the bacon offered a crunchy finish. We only wish Bru's Room made these well-proportion finger treats available permanently on its menu.

Best Use of Bacon as Movie Snack

Bacon maple buttered popcorn topped with jalapeno bacon salt from Cafe Luna Rosa

Although the bacon was drenched in butter used on these kernels, this offering from Cafe Lune was not overbearingly greasy. Yes, its hard to believe that a dish with tons of butter and topped with bacon did not have us rushing for napkins, but it was not the case here. These kernels were popped to the tee, nice and fluffy and not moist. The jalapeno bacon salt added a slight kick, but  was not painfully hot either. This dish makes us wonder why we never topped our popcorn with bacon before.

Best Inebriating Use of Bacon

Cafe Luna's jalapeno bacon salted Bloody Mary.

The jalapeno bacon salt on the rim of this beverage made us regret we did not bring our trusty flask along for the ride to BaconFest. Oh what an ideal compliment this tingly, salty and peppery concoction would have been with a nice shot of Belvedere. Alas, Cafe Luna did not use any booze in this sampling, but with our imagination we achieved a pleasant placebo buzz for the rest of the night. This saline solution left our lips prickling with flavor for many minutes after guzzling down this brackish drink.

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