Allows You to Explore Your Inner Bacon Freak (Video)

You're a bacon freak. It's OK. We understand. After all, how many other meat products out there go well with just about everything?

Don't believe us? Try putting some calves' liver in a brownie and see how far it gets you.

Bacon makes everything better -- from cupcakes to burgers to bourbon. So, instead of denying yourself or asking stupid questions like "has bacon jumped the shark?" (Answer: It hasn't and it never will), just go for it and let your inner bacon freak flag fly with a trip to

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The website pretty much has it covered for all your bacon-gifting needs. Everything from bacon-scented home fragrance spray ($9.95) to a "Drink first, pork later" t-shirt ($15.95 and up) to bacon-flavored soda ($4.95) is available.

But it's the actual bacon that's got us in a tizzy. Bacon Freak's bacon is made from hogs cured by hand over a hickory fire. The meat is then hand rubbed with flavors like apple cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla bourbon, and sun dried tomato. Sounds delish.

Bacon Freak is worth checking out, if only to save poor souls like this one who are in need of the release of their inner bacon freak:

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