​Devon Newhall loves gastropubs, so it's only fitting he works in one, too. The gregarious Gratify American Gastropub bartender loves craft beer, has broken records eating his establishment's best bar food, and is a great conversation starter. 

Bar Talk With Devon Newhall at Gratify American Gastropub in West Palm Beach

And, if you head in to see him for a pint, Newhall guarantees that he -- and the entire staff -- will remember your name. Now what more could you possibly want from your bartender? Well, besides a few buy-backs, that is...

Here's what Gratify's youngest bartender had to say:

Clean Plate Charlie: So, I hear you've set somewhat of your own record here...wanna explain?

Devin Newhall: I'm the only person to, as of yet, eat three full burgers in one sitting -- in three minutes. I just unhinge my jaw.

So I guess that's your favorite dish on the menu? 

Most definitely. It's just called "the burger" ($10). It's not exactly good for you -- I think we use a 70/30 chuck, but it's the bees-knees. I like it rare, with mushrooms, munster, and advocado. And the bread is out of this world -- it's from a local, fresh bakery. It's almost the best part.

Any other food that tempts you?

The shrimp 'n grits is amazing here. It's one of our best sellers. It's Florida rock shrimp over  manchego grits with garlic and tomato ($13). But I'll pretty much eat anything if it's been beer-battered and fried, too.

What does a good gastropub mean to you?

A really cool atmosphere. Good food. Good beer. And not to sound cliche, but everyone here will remember your name. 

What else? 

I like a place that also has a good beer menu. Here, it's not bad. There's a growing craft beer selection. Rogue Dead Guy is my Budweiser. I just love a good IPA. And our happy hour is awesome. 

Do tell...

Monday through Friday, 4 p.m to 10 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday all day. You get 2-4-1 drafts, wells, house wine and domestic bottles. On top of that, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., bottomless mimosas on Sundays. Awesome. It's a damn good deal if you ask me.

You're only 22, and you've been working here as a bartender almost as long as Gratify has been here. Favorite job so far?

Definitely the best job I've ever had. I was a buyer at Whole Foods in Palm Beach Gardens, and I've been a store manager at Starbucks. Both places, I was the youngest person to work there at the time. But it's in my blood. My dad's been behind the bar his whole life. He's from Dublin, and right now is working as bar manager at Slainte Irish Pub in Boynton Beach.

What's the best part of the job -- or the worst?

You can make $60K a year with no college education. But you'll never get any sun. You'll get no sleep. And you're girlfriend will move out -- and take the cat. All of those things have happened to me.

So what's your scene when you're not here?

I like to go to Respectable Street (downtown West Palm Beach) for their Thursday night. I'll stop by O'Shea's Irish Pub, too. But I have to be drunk to not notice the smell.

We'll stick to Gratify, then, and swing by when that Hoptical Illusion comes on tap.

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