Bar Talk With Jimbo Odum at Igot's Martiki Bar in Lake Worth

I first met Jimbo a few years ago when I was but a newbie to the downtown Lake Worth nightlife scene -- at his bar, Igot's Martiki Bar.

Since then, he's managed to impress with his mix-master skills behind the bar -- the one where all the locals love him and the three-deep wait for one of his drinks never ceases.

This 26-year-old Lake Worth local is no rookie to the bar scene, however. Instead, he personifies it: all down-to-earth cool with the necessary stoic efficiency of an established mixologist. 

And no wonder: Odum grew up surrounded by local restaurant-industry veterans, including his own family, owners of the property that houses the popular Lake Worth bar and eatery Havana Hideout -- just a stone's throw from the indoor/outdoor "martiki" bar Odum calls home four nights a week.

Although he could be serving sangria down the street, Odum moved his game to Igot's when it opened just over five years ago. At the time, he was just a bar back. 

Today, he's the guy you want calling -- and pouring -- the shots come Happy Hour.

We stopped by on a quiet(er) Monday night, when we could get some attention from the busy bartender. Here's what he had to say:

Clean Plate Charlie: So, tell us about yourself.

Jimbo Odum: I grew up here in Lake Worth. I've been working downtown here since I was 12, and I've known [Igot's and Dave's Last Resort owner] Dave Polumbo for years.

What's the crowd like at Igot's?

It's a small town, but you get a really mixed crowd. You've got your old-time regulars and a good younger crowd. Every night, it's different, though. It could be quiet during the week, but on the weekends, it's always packed. You have to battle your way to the bar.

What makes Igot's different than your average "tiki" bar?

Well, first off, you can smoke here. We don't serve food, so we always have that [outdoor tiki theme], inside and out. That doesn't stop people from bringing their own food -- regulars will grab a pizza from down the road or order takeout from [Dave's Last Resort] across the street. 

Why should people come here?

Because I might just be the greatest bartender ever. And it's pretty much a guaranteed good time.

What are your specials?

We also have a great Happy Hour -- it's seven days a week from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., with $2 bottles [of beer], $2 well drinks, and $2.50 house wines. There's the usual live music all weekend long. And we have "in the biz" every night after 10 p.m., so it's usually slammin' then.

What's your best drink on the menu?

The Voo-Doo Juice ($8). It's got four flavors of Cruzan rum (coconut, banana, pineapple, and citrus) and three fruit juices (cranberry, orange, and pineapple). It's like a bucket in a pint glass.

What's the craziest thing you've seen happen at your bar?

Well, we sell Florida Lottery and scratch-off lotto tickets here. I play all the time, but I just won about $50,000 six months ago. 

That is pretty crazy. What'd you do with all that money?

I bought a truck, a bike, and a boat -- and went on, like, seven vacations. I don't have any money left, but I have a sweet ride and a 16-foot Boston Whaler.

Where's your favorite place to party?

I like Boynton Beach and Delray a lot. I'll take my boat out a lot now, too -- everywhere from Waterway [in Palm Beach Gardens] to Old Key Lime House [in Lantana]. But I also really like ICEBAR in Orlando. I went there on one of my [recent] trips, and that place was awesome. It's cold inside -- everything's ice, and it's all vodka served chilled. You walk in and they hand you coats. There are lots of flavors, and I liked this brand, Pinnacle Vodka. I told the boss he had to have it here.

What's your favorite flavor?

There's stuff like cherry lemonade and kiwi strawberry. But I like the chocolate and whipped cream -- I use it to make some pretty amazing White Russians and Mind Erasers.

I gotta ask...what's up with the name?

The owner's wife, she said, "I gots to have another drink." That's it.

Well, we'll have another too. A shot of whipped-cream-flavored vodka, perhaps?

702 Lake Ave.
Lake Worth 33460

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