Barack Obama at Krispy Kreme: The Math and Doughnut Connection

President Barack Obama flew in to Tampa early yesterday morning for yet another round of campaign appearances. The President, who slept during his overnight flight from Las Vegas, was scheduled to pay a visit to Tampa's Fire Station 14. But, like any good guest, he had to bring a hostess gift.

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Enter Krispy Kreme. After all, police officers aren't the only public servants who love those glazed treats, especially when they're hot out of the oven. They're loved by firefighters and the commander-in-chief, too.

According to Buzzfeed,

President Obama had pre-ordered three dozen doughnuts, but added a

second dozen to the order at the shop. At Krispy Kreme, the President

met an employee named Michelle, to which he replied, "love Michelles."


then met a man with two young boys and said, "let the President buy you

a jam doughnut." The little boys opted for two powdered sugar treats


One customer, a teacher, received a special shout out

from the President who told the press pool,

"Trent is a math teacher, he is buying doughnuts for his kids. That

whole math and doughnut connection is the key to school reform because I

know his kids are doing great."

Afterward, at Fire Station 14, the President presented the treats to the firefighters, shook hands, then shot some hoops.

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