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Barrel of Monks Kicks Off Brewery Throwdown Series With Cigar City Matchup

Brewers and brewery employees always talk about the industry being in a mode of "friendly competition." That friendliness is about to get a little more fierce.

Barrel of Monks Brewing is looking to make 2016 the year of the throwdown by hosting a 12-month long brewery-versus-brewery event series that's full of beer, food, and fun. It's a four-course dinner where the beverages fight for your pleasure.

"On the fourth Monday of every month, join us at Barrel of Monks brewery for beer dinners with a twist," their initial event pitch states. "Each month will feature a different brewery and guest chef. 11 events in total - Happy 2016 to you all!"

On Monday, January 25, Barrel of Monks are putting up their dukes against Cigar City Brewing and pairing up beers with food prepared by Mucho Gusto.

Here are the rules:

  1. This is a secret menu. Aside from the chef, no one will know what is going to be served. (Be aware dietary restrictions will not be taken into consideration).
  2. Each brewery comes prepared with four pre-selected beers with no knowledge of the four course menu for the night.
  3. The chef will present their plates, and each brewery will pair on the fly from the beers they have available.
  4. Attendees eat, drink, and vote on who did it best.

"We decided to organize this event series because it is a great way to join the Florida brewing community together in a fun environment and allow beer lovers to have a more hands-on experience with different breweries, beers, and foods," said Lauren Begelman of Barrel of Monks Brewery. "Everyone loves a little competition and this is a live action, on the fly pairing event. It will give attendees the chance to be a part of the creative process on both sides of the table."

The next three months (I won't spoil the whole year, but let me say there are some bad-ass breweries in this list) are scheduled to be:

Buy tickets now, to reserve a spot. The cost is $53.74 per person, with tax and fees. These will be intimate affairs, and as of this posting there are only about a dozen seats left.

Check back with me as I chronicle the events, and bring you a run-down of proceedings the day after.

Barrel of Monks is located at 1141 S. Rogers Circle, Boca Raton. Call 561-510-1253, or visit

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