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Bartender Cocktail: Christopher of Pinon Grill's Pumpkin Martini

Halloween may have passed more than a couple of week ago; however, there are plenty of options for pumpkin-flavored foods still going around.

South Floridians may not get to experience the seasonal changes of fall, but we still get our fare share of autumnal flavors all over the place.

Unfortunately, time is of the essence; gourds are on the way out.

To help you get your fill in every form possible, Pinon Grill is offering a pumpkin martini through Thanksgiving. Bartender Christopher Hildebrandt gave us the secret recipe.

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Pinon starts off by infusing Russian Standard Vodka with pumpkin, vanilla bean, cloves, and cinnamon; however, for anyone looking to make a drink, like, now, there are plenty of pre-infused pumpkin vodkas on the market. Pinnacle is a well-known brand.


Three ounces pumpkin-infused vodka

One ounce Kahlúa

Half ounce heavy cream

Step One: Shake the vodka with ice in a mixer; strain and pour it into a martini glass.

Step Two: Gently pour the Kahlua on top by allowing it to flow directly on the side of the glass -- this is how you create those distinct layers in drinks.

Step Three: Shake the cream vigorously with ice. Smoothly pour it on top and garnish with a cinnamon stick and sprinkled ground cinnamon.

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Sara Ventiera