Bartender Cocktail: Sean O'Brien's La Bastille (Recipe)

Not too long ago, cocktails were given up in favor of bland, flavorless concoctions like vodka and soda -- or worse, vodka Red Bulls.

Fortunately, for our taste buds and our sanity, those days are gone. Mixology has made its way back to the mainstream.

In celebration of tasty commingled alcoholic beverages, we had bartender Sean O'Brien of Pistache French Bistro give us the instructions for his French-inspired La Bastille cocktail.

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Not well-known in the states, Pavan Liqueur is comprised primarily of muscat grapes and orange blossoms. With some similarities to St. Germain, the French liqueur is very sweet and rich, which is easily mixed into different cocktails and sparkling wines.

La Bastille ingredients:

1.5 oz. Bastille Whiskey (you can use any good Scotch whiskey)

1.5 oz. Pavan Liqueur

.75 oz. pineapple juice

1 small egg white

1 large mint leaf

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add whiskey, Pavan, and pineapple juice. Transfer to a large bar shaker. Add egg white and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Transfer back to glass, add mint leaf, and serve immediately. Make sure to wipe off foamy mustache after sipping!

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