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Bartender Q&A Manny Alayeto of Dada on White Cabernet and His Favorite Spirit (Hint: it's Not Rum)

Mojitos are pretty much the patron drink of South Florida. And why wouldn't they be? They're refreshing on a hot day, freaking delicious, and were invented 90 miles away from Key West -- we would've tried to figure out the exact distance, but math just isn't our thing.

The only problem with the mojito equation: Most bartenders hate them. They're time-consuming and easy to screw up, and once one person orders one, it spreads like a wildfire.

However, there is one local bartender known for his exceptional minty, sugary rum drinks, Manny Alayeto of Dada Restaurant & Lounge.

We decided to chat with the master mojito maker to find out more about his favorite spirit, strangest drink orders, and favorite drink to make.

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Sara Ventiera