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Bartender Q&A: Mark Parisini of III Forks Steakhouse on Jessica Biel and Espresso Martinis

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Most people don't realize it, but bartenders have a pretty tough job. Just like chefs, they have to learn to work with different flavor combinations. And just like waitstaff they have to deal with annoying customers.

On top of all that, they have to play comedian, counselor, friend, and, well, bartender. Quite frankly, we think that deserves a round of applause.

Mark Parisini falls into all of those categories. When the III Forks tender of bar is not mixing up creative cocktails, he's trying to rally a good time.

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So, we decided to have a chat with the comical bartender about his favorite drinks, favorite people, and favorite pick-up lines.

Clean Plate Charlie: Hometown/ High School?

Parisini: Plantation High School

How long have you been in South Florida?

Since I was three years old.

How long have you been in the industry?

15 years.

I knew I wanted to be a bartender when ______.

I had my first drink! Seriously though, I always liked the creative side of bartending and I enjoy interacting with the guests.

Favorite drink to make?

Espresso martini. I like seeing the surprised and pleased look when the guest tries it for the first time.

Least favorite drink to make? 

Basic cocktails: rum and coke, vodka and cranberry -- drinks like that.

Strangest drink requested? 

A dirty scotch martini, up.

What's your favorite spirit?


What's your favorite thing to drink after work?

A Guiness stout with a shot of Jameson

What is your favorite place to drink after work?

The Bru's Room.

What's the best pick-up line you've heard at the bar?

If I said you had a great body, would you hold it against me? And yes, I've tried it!

If someone comes in and orders a ______, you instantly think ______.

Single malt scotch; they know what they're doing

Biggest pet-peeve while working?

Whistling and snapping fingers for my attention.

Who is your favorite local bartender? Any why?

Kristi Pavalone at Bru's Room in Pompano Beach; she always has a smile and a cold drink ready.

If I wasn't a bartender, I would be a _____.

Brain surgeon. Seriously, either a chef or a stand up comedian

Favorite kind of bar customer?

Someone that's out for a great evening and shares it with me.

Least favorite kind of bar customer?

Someone who doesn't drink!

If you could make a drink for anyone, who would it be? And which drink do you think would suit them?

Jessica Biel -- and a double of whatever she wants.

Favorite thing about bartending?

Meeting interesting new people.

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