Bartender Q&A: PB Catch Bartender Nick Scalisi on the Science of Drinking and Sad Synchronized Swimming

Most people tend to think of making drinks as a means to getting drunk. And, well, it is. But there is also a hell of a lot more behind making a good drink than throwing together some liquor with a mixer. Although, we do realize you think you make the superb vodka-cranberry.

Nick Scalisi of PB Catch knows a thing or two about mixing cocktails: he runs the restaurant's mixology program. We figured we'd have a chat with him about bartending and cocktails after the jump.

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Clean Plate Charlie:Hometown/high school? 
Scalisi: Palm Beach Gardens, FL. William T. Dwyer, Florida Culinary Institute

How long have you been in South Florida? 
Born & bred! 

How long have you been in the industry? 
13 years.

I knew I wanted to be a bartender when ______.
I realized the science of drinking--I mean making a drink of course. 

Favorite Drink to make? 
Anything that doesnt fall under the vodka soda category

Least favorite drink to make? 
Sascha Bennemann's fruity orders.

Strangest drink request? 
I once received a business card with a personal drink recipe on it. Interesting presentation, I thought! 

What is your favorite spirit? 
High spirits. 

What's your favorite after work drink? 
A cold Harpoon UFO. 

What is your favorite place to drink after work? 
The Blind Monk is great.

What's the best pick up line you've heard at the bar? 
The one about the polar breaking the ice isn't horrible. 

The worst? 
I'm actually not this tall, I'm sitting on my wallet. 

If someone comes in and orders a _______, you instantly think _______about them. 
Pina colada's definitely raise the tourist flag. 

Biggest pet peeve while working? 
Running out of something. 

Who is your favorite local bartender? 
Brian Flanagan 

If I wasn't a bartender I would be a ______? 
Sad Synchronized Swimmer 

Favorite kind of bar customer? 
An energetic, adventurous one. 

Least favorite kind of bar customer? 
Non-energetic and adventurous ones. 

If you could make a drink for anyone, who would it be? Which drink would suit them? 
Our Chef, Aaron Black, is not afraid of putting anything in his mouth. Whatever you give him he will give you his honest experienced opinion about it. So for whichever visionary, celebrity or muse I choose to make a drink for, Aaron will be the first line of defense.  

Favorite thing about bartending? 
Making it the first step of my goals in the restaurant industry. 

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