Bash American Bistro Shutters Its Doors

When it comes to dining out, we can be kind of picky.

Yes, we're always willing to give things a go -- even if it sounds crazy as hell. Chicken feet; why not?

But it's not often that we find a place we absolutely love. On those rare occasions it does happen, we're there all the time.

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Unfortunately, for whatever reason, some of those places don't end up staying around, and we're a little heartbroken when they leave.

We just confirmed that Bash American Bistro has shuttered its doors.

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What seemed to be out of nowhere, the Sunrise eatery closed up shop about two weeks ago.

The restaurant was known for its creative comfort fare and friendly, laid-back atmosphere. It was one of the frontrunners in the Broward craft beer movement.

Just a few weeks ago, we highlighted its status as a foodie mecca in West Broward. Guests would travel from Boca Raton and as far as Homestead regularly. At the time of our interview, there was a steady buzz of patrons on the premises.

Currently, we have no further details on the situation surrounding the closing. We have reached out to the owners for comment and will update as soon as we know more.

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