Bastardizing Booze: Alcohol-Free Whisky, Scotch in a Can

From the world of dubious ideas, we have alcohol-free whisky. And here I thought Jameson was an acquired variety of torture that illuminates you're a) in the industry b) friends with people in the industry or c) a drunk. 

Now available for distribution, ArKay is the brand of the unfortunately named, booze-free whisky that sounds as appealing as drinking bleach. "Arkay has 0% alcohol and is designed to allow individuals with medical conditions or with religious beliefs that prohibit alcohol consumption, to drink." the press release declares. 

In case you're wondering 
if it has any nutritional value, ArKay is made with artificial flavors and ingredients --as if that's a plus. And wouldn't you know it comes in a can that's $4 for a single, $10 for a liter. 

In other canned whisky news, single grain and blended Scotch-in-a-can is being introduced to the US market. As of December, 80 proof Scotch from Scottish Spirits will be sold for $5 a can. 

From the website: "Is there any better sound than the crack of a beer can being opened after a long day of work? What if the can was filled with something a little stronger than beer, say Scotch whisky?" Considering each can is the equivalent of eight shots, it's a new flavor of drunk, for sure.

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