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BC Cafe is Making Glazed-to-Order Cromagnuts - With Bacon!

Evolution is a wonderful thing. Wolves that want to eat us turn into dogs that want to love us and we go from cavemen to humans who eat everything else. Simple isn't it?

We like our foods to evolve too. Take, for example the "cronut", which is the natural evolutionary result of a flaky, buttery croissant and a fried doughnut spending a little too much alone time together in the bakery case.

What could possibly make a "cronut" evolve into something even more perfect? The introduction of maple syrup and bacon!

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And so, it happened to be that a prehistoric-themed cafe is making the pastry of the future. And it happens to be named after man's ancestors.

BC Cafe's Brett Chiavari has introduced the Cromagnut. Sure, you're saying. What's new about that? Well, each Cromagnut is fried to order, then topped with a warm house-made glaze.

Chiavari, who sells the Cromagnuts only on Tuesdays and only at the cafe (not on the truck, yet), explains why.

"We do everything fresh and It's definitely a process. Each Cromagnut is made when you order them. We tried to make them and put them in the case, but they're just better hot and fresh. It's work. But it's worth it because these things are ridiculous."

Flavors vary weekly. So far, varieties have included cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, vanilla glaze, and lemon-curd stuffed. But yesterday, Chiavari went overboard:

"We did a maple bacon version. It was insane. We glazed the Cromagnut with a warm, maple glaze, then sprinkled it with crunchy bacon bits. It was a big hit, so we'll do it again."

The Cromagnuts are $3.75 each, and are available (while supplies last) each Tuesday at B.C. Cafe. The cafe opens for breakfast at 8 a.m. and the flavor-of-the-week is announced the day before on Facebook and Twitter. We're thinking a "bring back bacon" social media campaign is in order.

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