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B.C. Tacos and Ms. Cheezious Named Finalists for LIVE! with Kelly and Michael's Truckin' Amazing Cook-Off, Voting Ends May 18

Food trucks have come into their own these last few years. No longer are they the ignoble "roach coach" of yesteryear, but gourmet mobile dining establishments. LIVE! with Kelly and Michael is noticing that fact and they are on a nation-wide hunt to find ten food trucks worthy of national recognition on "LIVE'S! Truckin' Amazing Cook-Off."

Much like our own Readers' Choice Poll (reminder, you only have until May 29 to vote, so get on that!), LIVE! is crowdsourcing their winners. After an initial round of voting they have narrowed the entires down to 20 finalists and Florida is representing with not one but two local trucks; our own B.C. Tacos Food Truck and Miami-based Ms. Cheezious.

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Brett Chiavari of B.C. Tacos is thrilled to be in the top 20.

"It's really unbelievable. I had a family friend tell me about it the last day that you could submit your truck to be on the show. Didn't think much of it and they called me back, they asked more questions, asked for the video, and now we're in the top 20 with the next chance to be ON LIVE! with Kelly and Michael. This has really been a whirlwind," says Chiavari. "They are asking us to perform a recipe live on the show, to show all the viewers how to make one of our signature dishes. So obviously the Fried Avocado was my first selection. It has received plenty of press and now it's time to show The Gatherer off to the entire country. We only have until tomorrow night at 8 p.m. to get all the votes in, so we need to rally all the South Florida troops and get ourselves represented in NY! I can't be more excited, and I look forward to meeting Kelly and Michael and showing them what the South Florida food truck scene and especially BC Tacos is all about!"

Lets show the rest of the country what the Florida food scene is really all about and get our local finalists into the top ten. You only have until 8 p.m. Saturday, May 18 to vote! Visit livekellyandmichael.dadt.com/contests.

You can check out B.C. Tacos' entry video here and Ms. Cheezious' video here.

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