B.C. Tacos to Expand With Davie Café

Fans of B.C. Tacos' unique caveman-themed food truck can soon enjoy some good eats in a more traditional setting when B.C. Tacos Cafe opens in Davie in the spring.

The restaurant doesn't have an opening date yet, but expect to be able to chow down sometime in April.

Located on University Drive just south of Griffin Road, B.C. Tacos Cafe will be strategically placed near a large number of schools, including Nova Southeastern Unviversity, Broward College -- even the Aveda Institute, as B.C. Tacos chef/owner Brett Chiavari pointed out to us in a recent conversation.

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Chiavari explained that although his food truck will remain on the

streets, opening a brick-and-mortar café is the next step in expanding

the B.C. brand. Chiavari will rely heavily on his staff to share the

added responsibilities, some of whom will be promoted to managers. "I have some employees that have been with me a

long time on the truck. They're the core of my business."

The menu will still feature tacos but will expand into sandwiches, burgers, specialty wraps, and salads. The truck

owner turned restaurateur explained that he's "taking the greatest hits

from the truck -- steak, chicken, shrimp, and fried avocado -- and placing

them on the café menu, sure. But some favorites, like the short ribs

and pulled pork, will be found on sliders." Something else not found on

the food truck? Beer and wine.

The café will also feature breakfast with daytime tacos,

make-your-own omelets, and pancakes on the menu. In addition, Munchcakes

food truck will set up a bakery within the restaurant, serving

cupcakes, mini-cheesecakes, French macarons, and breakfast pastries.

B.C. Tacos Cafe will be open Monday through Thursday for breakfast and

lunch; Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Saturday for lunch

and dinner. The café will be closed Sunday.

Chiavari also plans to host farm-to-table dinner specials

using local produce. Which makes sense, considering cavemen didn't

have wholesalers to buy their vegetables from.

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