Cocktails -- they're not typically thought to produce a clear complexion. In fact, your average alcohol-filled mixed drink dehydrates the skin, creating a dull and often splotchy appearance.

Beauty Cocktails: Are They Worth the Hype?

A new trend is trying to counteract that effect. The "beauty cocktail" is an alcohol-free (we know, not as much fun) combination of vitamins and nutrients intended to nourish and replenish the skin. They're being offered at the Tön Vangard Salon, a new space in Fort Lauderdale that is part beauty salon, part hangout lounge. We spoke to Partner and World CEO Anthony Lordi for more info. 

"This is a new concept of skin treatment. Why not treat skin from the inside?" says Lordi. 

Along with beer, wine, tea, and espresso drinks, Lordi's salon offers clients four different beauty cocktails. One of which, the  $4.95 Beauty Colada, contains aloe vera, collagen, biotin, coconut juice, pineapple juice, coconut water, and spring water.

Another one, the  $4.95 Beautini, is described as an antioxidant cocktail featuring pomegranate, raspberry white tea, coconut water, and natural sparkling spring water. Supposedly it provides a refreshing way to fuel your body with necessary antioxidants and vitamins.

Lordi, who also owns a bar in Madrid, scoured the internet and spoke to aestheticians familiar with the concept while devising these concoctions. According to Lordi, "An amazing number of beauty companies are creating skin-essential cocktails. Crystal Light even makes them. And it really makes sense." (He's referring to Crystal Light's skin essentials.)

So are they worth the hype? 

"Would it be helpful? Yes, but so imperceptibly no one would really know the difference," says Fort Lauderdale based Naturopath Jessie Keener of Shumway Wellness Center. "It takes a longer time than most people would think, especially if it's a one-shot wonder like once a day. These ingredients are effective in the body, but you would need to drink them throughout the day."

Although she does not think drinking one beauty cocktail will instantly create better skin, Keener is enthusiastic about the concept. "The upside is client education," she says. "I love the notion of this stuff, because it's helping clients to cross over, people that might not even touch an herb in their life. Now, they're drinking something delicious and thinking about how it's affecting them from the inside. In the end, it's all about education. I think it's great that salons are focusing on treating clients from the inside."

If you're looking to try one of Tön Vangard's beauty cocktails, the salon is located at 4242 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-440-0493.

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