Beer Flavored Jelly Beans? Thanks Jelly Belly!

Jelly Belly beans have always been the crossover candy for both kids and adults. Sure, they masquerade as a kiddie treat, but they're really a grownup confection, packaged in boxes suitable for sophisticated gifting in flavors that only someone of legal drinking age can appreciate, like pina colada and mai tai.

Now, our favorite sugary obsession has launched something so magnificent, we're crying tears of joy! Introducing draft beer flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans!

The pearly golden-hued beans are the culmination of "years of perfecting the formulation" of the right flavor of hops and yeast. Best news of all? The beans are alcohol-free, so beer geeks can munch out on these babies while at work, in school, or even while operating heavy machinery!

And you know how mixing different Jelly Bellys turns individual flavors into new combo flavors (cherry cream soda and strawberry cheesecake, anyone)? Well, here are some Jelly bean "recipes" to try with the new Draft Beer bean:

Apple Cider Shandy - two Draft Beer beans and one Red Apple bean

Beer Sangria - two Draft Beer beans and one Peach bean

Michelada - two Draft Beer beans, one Margarita bean, and one Tabasco bean

The Draft Beer beans are $8.99 for a 16 ounce bag and $85.99 for a 10-pound pack. They're available online at jellybelly.com.

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