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Beer of the Week: Lefthand Chainsaw Ale

A writeup on the back of this bottle of Chainsaw Double Sawtooth Ale confronts the old adage that less is more. It's claim: sometimes, more is more. Chainsaw Ale is definitely more. More hops, more malt, more big, badass flavor than it's little sister brew, Sawtooth Ale. But is that a good thing? Sawtooth is one of the most balanced, easy drinking session beers around. Just how does that translate to this limited availability, Imperial version?

One of the best parts about Lefthand's Sawtooth Ale is its drinkability: it's a beer you can settle down with and enjoy all night. It's lightly malted, with a dry finish and little aftertaste. And while it's not exactly a hoppy beer, it does have a floral hoppy bite.

Chainsaw is basically a double version of Sawtooth. You'll taste the same biscuit and bread maltiness up front, the same floral hopiness behind it. The major difference is the brew is way, way bigger, and way, way sweeter. There's an almost Belgian quality to the thicker brew, and a yeasty, heady buzz. Sure enough, this bad boy boasts 9% ABV.

But is this more, in this case, better? Actually, no. While I enjoyed a pour of Chainsaw Ale, I don't think I could drink more than a glass of it. Since it comes in an industrial bomber bottle, that means you'll probably want a friend or two to get through it. Sawtooth I can drink all night. But Chainsaw... just one is fine.

Pick up a bottle at your nearest Total Wine and Spirits.  

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