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Beer Pairing at Tap 42 to Feature "Super IPA" Mashup Rhizing Bines

People have been pairing wines with food for ages now -- in fact, entire industries have been based off the idea. With the rise and newfound appreciation of craft beer, tons of restaurants and bars are now getting into pairing food with beer.

With that, Tap 42 is going to be featuring a Dogfish Head pairing event in March. And the restaurant will be serving some first-time releases.

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"A Hop Eclipse Now" is a celebration of hop-centric beers from the company who is known for its 'off-centered' hoppy India Pale Ales. Expect to see some favorites -- Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute IPA, even the 120 Minute IPA. The beers will be paired with light bites from the chefs at Tap 42.

The bar will also be tapping some new releases during the event, including the highly anticipated Rhizing Bines. The beer, which is a collaboration between Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, combines the Dogfish Head continual hopping process (i.e. the difference between the 60 Minute, 90 Minute, and 120 Minute IPAs) with the Sierra Nevada Torpedo System (a trademarked aroma-boosting process used in its Torpedo Extra IPA) to create a Super IPA. The beer is only available for a limited time. While the keg will not be tapped until the event, the bar should have bottles of Rhizing Bines available later this week.

Between 35 to 40 bars, primarily on the east coast, have been picked to host the A Hop Eclipse series of events. According to Tap 42 Beer Director Lauren Bowen, "The Rhizing Bines has never been released anywhere. Dogfish Head picked a small amount of bars to host A Hop Eclipse Now. We're really excited that they picked us."

A Hop Eclipse Now is taking place March 7, at 6:45 p.m. Call 954-463-4900.

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