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Beer Pong Party Cup Koolers Keep Your Drink Cold in a Solo Cup or Pint Glass

Ever try to fit your red Solo cup into a koozie built for a beer can, only to have it topple over, spilling your beverage all over the person next to you? 

We know the feeling. On a hot summer day, there's possibly nothing worse than a warm cup of beer or melting cocktail -- especially when you're in the middle of a heated backyard beer pong tournament. 

Thankfully, 25-year-old Arizona native Christina Contreras felt the same way, and when she decided to start her own custom "kooler" company, it wasn't the advice of her parents, boyfriend -- even her friends -- that stuck in her head. 

Instead, it was something her university professor told her.

"[He said] we spend 80 percent of our lives at work. His advice was to 'Do what you love, and love what you do.' I happen to love drinking, and this is where it led me," said Contreras, who recently launched her own business making "koolers" designed specifically for Solo cups and bar glasses.

The Kooler that fits party cups and regular glasses was an idea that came to Contreras -- like most good ideas -- while she was sipping on a cocktail in her backyard. Simply put: She wanted a way to keep her beverage cold while outdoors. 

A few weeks later, Conterars spotted a fellow beverage consumer with a ripped Koozie forced around a Solo party cup. Then, later that week at a friend's pool party, she noticed another guy who had -- quite unsuccessfully -- attempted to smash his glass of beer into a Koozie designed to fit a can.

"I thought to myself, 'This is a sign. I'm not the only one that needs one. Maybe I should make these things,'" said Contreras.

She did a quick Google search and was shocked to find that a product like Party Cup Koolers didn't already exist. That's when the 2008 Arizona State University graduate decided it was time to put her professor's words to action. 

And -- just like that -- Party Cup Kooler was born. Contreras' Arizona-based online custom kooler-making company designs everything from wedding announcement and camo print pint glass koolers to tropical-themed and beer-pong-tournament-ready ones. Made with high-quality neoprene for "optimum insulation," it helps your drink stay cold up to twice as long, and the tapered design fits cups of all shapes and sizes, including the standard 18-ounce Solo cup and other plastic party cups, as well as most generic bar glasses.

After a lot of self-taught overseas business tactics (her product is manufactured in China), Contreras launched her Party Cup Kooler website in June, selling the unique-shaped, customizable koolers for about $3 to $6, depending on the quantity you order. 

Contreras' alternative-cup-sized koolers are the perfect accessory to any day of drinking -- especially if you bring one along to the next craft beer festival or day at the beach -- even an upcoming Sunday Funday.

"All drinks should be treated equal," states Contreras' website. "Whether it is served in a can, bottle or cup, every beverage -- particularly those with intoxicating abilities -- should be kept at an optimum refreshing temperature. My mission is to provide you with the baddest-ass Kooler possible."

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Cheers to that!

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