Behind The Line - Meat Market on Lincoln Road - Kitchen Pictures

Chef Sean Brasel from Meat Market on Lincoln Road in South Beach says "This is a modern steakhouse to the next level. We've got a crudo bar up front. We get oysters and stone crabs on a daily basis. There's nothin better in the world than 12 oysters and a steak. It gets packed in here, this is a small establishment, 80 seats, and we serve about 300 to 325 people a night. We also serve buffalo, tatonka, like 'Dances With Wolves'. We have a wood-burning grill stocked with Florida pine and oak. We get the best beef from all over, Harris Ranch in California, Staube Ranch in Texas, Kobe beef from Japan, they nurture that cow to complete luxury, I heard they feed em' sake, no soy or that, you can eat a filet with a spoon it's so soft."

"This is our '30 oz New York' sliced and served on the bone."

Ivette Garcia is a Pastry Chef at Meat Market on Lincoln Road in South

Beach, she says "I love sweets and I love cooking, I love my job, and I

wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I also worked at Chef

Allen's for almost 6 years, those are good people."

Jenna Altman is a "Crudo Chef" at Meat Market on Lincoln Road in South Beach. She says "crudos, ceviche, hamachi, smoked salmon, claws and oysters are all big here, I plate the food, cut the fish, interact with the people, stuff like that." The crudo-bar at Meat Market on Lincoln Road in South Beach is located next to the liquor bar and offers an open view of the chef's interaction with the seafood.

Chef Sean Brasel of Meat Market on Lincoln Road in South Beach says "It's a small environment with a lot of energy." View the full slideshow by clicking here.

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Jacob Katel