New Belgium and Ben & Jerry's is partnering up for awesomeness.
New Belgium and Ben & Jerry's is partnering up for awesomeness.
Photo courtesy NewBelgium

Ben & Jerry's to Launch Beer With New Belgium and the Ice Cream BRRR-ito

Ben & Jerry's is expanding their horizons to make the only thing better than ice cream.  Beer.

The Vermont-based ice cream company best known for their pop culture references in flavors (Schweddy Balls, anyone?) is teaming up with New Belgium Brewing to create a special release beer with the self-explaining title of Salted Caramel Brownie.

According to a release posted on Brewbound.com, the two companies came together because of shared values stating that they are, "fellow B Corporations beholden to stakeholders including the earth, their communities, and the environment."  Both companies are registered B Corporations, meaning they are held to performance standards that are comprehensive and transparent, measuring a company’s impact on workers, suppliers, communities and the environment. The statement said that both companies have been looking for a collaborative project for some time. 

The beer, set to be released in fall of 2015, will benefit "Protect Our Winters", which helps fight the effects of climate change on mountains, according to Huffington Post

New Belgium director of sustainability, Jenn Vervier said that specifics for the beer and the campaign that follows it are still in development, and further information would be forthcoming. “We’re big fans of New Belgium Brewery, their values, and their fun culture, and of course their beer” said Jay Curley, Senior Global Marketing Manager of Ben & Jerry’s. 

The Ben & Jerry's BRRR-ito
The Ben & Jerry's BRRR-ito
Photo courtesy Ben & Jerry's

A spokesperson for Ben & Jerry's would not comment further on the beer, although they shared another tasty tidbit. the company will introduce a BRRR-ito on April 20 (the perfect day for a sugary treat, no?).

The frozen treat, available at all Ben & Jerry's scoop shops. will feature two scoops of ice cream rolled into a chewy crepe-like wrap, then topped with a fudge drizzle and cookie crumble. According to the promo video, we'll know why 4/20 will be exactly like 4/20. Could the BRRR-ito also lead to the much anticipated announcement of a weed-infused ice cream?  We can only wait and hope.

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