Benefit for Burned Deerfield Beach Boy Tomorrow at Pompano Beach Italian Restaurant

Danny Martinez never expected the outpouring of support he's received when he started the Michael Brewer Foundation.

"It's really been amazing. I don't have words to express our gratitude," says Martinez. "I've had people call me from all over the United States, from London, from Nicaragua; everyone wants to do a fundraiser."

On Tuesday night, Galuppi's Restaurant and Patio Bar in Pompano Beach will host a fundraiser for Michael Brewer, the 15-year-old Deerfield Beach boy who was set on fire by a group of teens on October 12. From 5 p.m. onward, all proceeds from the restaurant's bar will go to the foundation, which will assist with medical bills for the burned teen; Martinez hopes that with enough support, it can expand to assist other burn victims as well. Cash donations will also be accepted on site through the foundation and Neighbors 4 Neighbors.

The particularly brutal nature of the crime was disturbing news for South Florida. But it also seems to have unified support for Brewer, who is now recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

"Michael's doing real good," says Martinez, Michael's brother-in-law. "He has a special blanket that has air flowing through it, but his body temperature has been coming back on its own."

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