Benihana's New Summer Cocktails: Drink There Or Make At Home

Sure, Benihana is the place to go to see shrimp being tossed in the air and drink out of a porcelain Buddha.  But even Clean Plate Charlie has to admit there's something totally fun about getting a group together and watching your food star in a tableside act worthy of a Cirque du Soleil production before being presented on your plate for your masticating enjoyment.

In addition to the libations served in Geishas and happy fat men, Benihana is offering up two new cocktails in honor of the upcoming summer weather.  These light and fruity drinks are perfect for sipping while waiting for your meal -- or on your own porch.

Just in time for mango season, this mimosa combines the fragrant sweetness of a mango with the headiness of Prosecco ($8.50), and the red flower punch bowl ($24) mixes strawberry, cranberry, and raspberry flavors into an extra large bowl, made to share.

You can enjoy the interactive restaurant's mango mimosa or red flower punch with your dinner, or make them at home with the recipes supplied below.

Mango Mimosa

Malibu Mango Rum - 1 oz.
Mango Puree - 1.5 oz.
Orange Juice - 1 oz.

Prosecco Brut
Lemon twist


1. Combine Malibu mango rum, mango muree, and orange juice in a shaker

2. Add ice and shake

3. Strain into a champagne flute

4. Fill with Prosecco

5. Garnish with a lemon twist

Red Flower Punch Bowl
(Serves - one 60 oz. punch bowl)


 Absolut Mango - 2 oz.

Stoli Razberi - 2 oz.

Leroux Strawberry Liqueur - 2 oz.

 Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps - 2 oz.

Hiram Walker Triple Sec - 2 oz.

Island Oasis Raspberry Puree - 3 oz.

Tropicana Lemonade - 8 oz.

 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice - 8 oz.


 Soda water - to fill

Orange slice - 2 each

 Maraschino cherry - 4 each



1.       Combine all ingredients in a 32 oz. (quart sized) container.

2.       Shake well and refrigerate until needed

3.       To serve, fill punch bowl with ice, shake pre-mixed cocktail and pour into punch bowl. Fill with soda water.

4.       Garnish with 2 orange slices on side of punch bowl and 4 cherries in the middle.

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