Where we're going, we don't need roads — but we do need votes!
Where we're going, we don't need roads — but we do need votes!

Best Of Broward-Palm Beach Readers' Poll 2015: Final Round of Voting Now Open

We are approaching 88 mph, and it's time once again to vote in the final round of the Best Of Broward-Palm Beach Reader's Poll!

On May 7, we closed out the nominations portion of this year's poll. Since then, we've been tirelessly tallying, sorting, and compiling your nominations. (Or, ya know, the computer did it — the future is now, kids.)

The calculations are complete. The top five nominees in each award category have made it to the final round of voting. You have until May 31 to choose your favorite from among the finalists.

Pick up your issue of Best Of Broward-Palm Beach on Thursday, June 18, to see the winners, and hang onto it all year long as a guide to the best food, music, shops, and fun South Florida has to offer. 

Vote now, before the Libyans find us. 

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