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Big Macs Are Pricey, Beers Are For Breakfast, and Everything's Better Fried

Here's a serving of food-related links from the weekend papers.

"It's 5:00 somewhere" is taken to the extreme in this Wall Street Journal article on breakfast brews. Among my favorites is the Mikkeller

"Geek Breakfast" made with fancy French roasted coffee and stout.

Calling Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House: Can we jump on this


In The New York Times, Mark Bittman asks, Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? It's a riveting read in which he explores why and how to change the culture of food in the US that ends with this:

"What's easier is to cook at every opportunity, to demonstrate to family

and neighbors that the real way is the better way. And even the more fun

way: kind of like a carnival." Bittman's is a tall order. Can he help motivate

families trying to make ends meet, working ten hours a day, and raising

two kids -- with a circus metaphor? Seems overwhelming.

Though it's not the freak fest fry such as bubble gum or Kool-Aid, delicate oysters are swaddled in batter in this recipe. Next trend: frying non-edibles or recycled foods, in keeping with food page leanings that everything's better fried (and yet fast food is bad for us).

And last, a request: I'm in search of tacos as inspiring as these from Guisados in LA: "It is a taco that could play bassass trumpet in a mariachi band and sing sweet love songs to your girlfriend. It is a taco that will sneak out in the middle of the night and do things no taco that should ever do, but you will always take it back, because you have tasted the complexity that lies three levels down." Any recommendations?

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