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Bimini Boatyard Sold How Much Seafood at the Boat Show?

We hear that Bimini Boatyard had its best sales days ever during last week's International Boat Show.

The numbers are in, and they are ridiculous. 

According to chef Michael Bennett, a literal ton of seafood went through the kitchen and out on the plates. Check the breakdown:

Atlantic Mahi-Mahi -- 210 pounds

Gulf of Mexico Grouper -- 150 pounds

Key West Stone Crabs -- 480 pounds

Key West Lobster -- 120 pounds

Atlantic Swordfish -- 90 pounds

South America Corvina -- 90 pounds

Key West Yellowtail Snapper -- 160 pounds

Jamaican Festival Grouper -- 125 pounds

Oyster on the half shell -- 600 pounds

Caribbean and Florida Shrimp -- 145 pounds

California Calamari -- 210 pounds

That translates to a tidy profit for owner Steve Hudson, a businessman and yachtie who took it over with his brother and father-in-law in 2008.


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