Blackfish Producer to be Honored by PETA at Sublime; B-52's Fred Schneider Will Premiere Rock Lobster Video

Manny Oteyza, the producer of


, will receive an award from PETA this Sunday at an invitation-only reception hosted by The B-52s' Fred Schneider.

Schneider has also produced a video exposing cruelty to lobsters. This all-new "Rock Lobster" video, in which he declares crustaceans sea life, not seafood, will make its South Florida debut at the event.

The ceremony, held at animal-friendly Sublime Restaurant & Bar, will honor Oteyza with the Nanci Alexander Award for his animal activism achievements.

The award is named after Sublime's owner, herself a philanthropist who donates her restaurant's profits to animal rights organizations. Alexander also founded her own foundation, Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF).

Oteyza is the producer of the documentary Blackfish, a disturbing and groundbreaking film that exposes how orcas are captured and live their lives in captivity for the entertainment of humans at parks like SeaWorld and Miami Seaquarium.

The film also addresses how a life of confinement led Tilikum, the infamous orca who killed three humans including his trainer. Here's game show host legend and animal rights activist Bob Barker explaining why you should never go to SeaWorld:

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