Blazing Herbs: Local Company Sells Herbs You Can Smoke

While the legalization of marijuana does seem to be an increasingly likely eventuality, it's not exactly around the corner. Only two states have decriminalized it and federal law still bans it. And while the states and the feds fight it out, prospective employers probably still won't look kindly on a failed drug test, even if you are in a state where it's halfway legal.

All the legal drug alternatives have slowly turned out to be not very good ideas from bath salts to the latest, kratom, which New Times wrote about recently.

But not to worry. We live in a world filled with other types of smokable flora that are all natural, perfectly safe -- probably already in your kitchen.

There are many herbs that you might recognize as cooking or kitchen herbs that can be smoked. They might not have quite the THC-like effect you are looking for, but until you can blaze freely, these Blazing Herb blends will get you by.

Herban Legends is a local company run by Jay and Samara Osowiecki. They make the rounds of the local craft fairs with their line of herb related products including soaps, cooking herbs and flavored salts, and home and garden products.

But their most intriguing line of products is their smokable herbs, Blazing Herbs. With blends like Sweet Dreams and Feelin' Groovy, the herbal blends are clearly meant to stand in as a wistful replacement for the wacky weed. 

These products are completely legal, made from common kitchen herbs you might find in your granny's garden - which might explain why granny always seemed so mellow.

The blends include ingredients like passionflower, wild lettuce, and mugwort - the last of which particularly sounds like something from a witch's spell. Some of the herbs you might recognize from the health food store supplement aisle like damiana and St. John's Wort. The latter has been considered a "magical herb" since the middle ages and has been used to cure from reptile bites to depression.

While Herbal Legends and many other websites and online sellers claim the herbs are perfectly safe to smoke, you do so at your own risk. Anyone can have an allergy, so make sure you do your research and check with a doctor - which you totally can because, once again, they are totally legal.

You can order from Herban Legends' online store,  meylah.com/HerbanLegends. Or, if you prefer to buy your herb in person, check out the Herban Legends Facebook page for updates on where they'll be showing up.

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