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Blog Watch: Baked Goods and New Arrivals

The best things come in pairs, and taking a look around the SoFla blog-o-sphere this week proves there's no exception to that rule. The theme seems to be having your cake (and eating it too) and new arrivals (and eating them too!). In case you're wondering, the above pic is a baby cake from kick ass cake maker, Michelle Wibowo (also check out her equally creepy gollum cake, as well as the subtle irony that is the Diet Coke cake). Yes, it's a cake shaped like a baby that you can eat. Can you imagine sinking your teeth into that? All I know is I would have no issues eating the placenta. (Homer voice) Mmmmm, cake placenta. (/Homer voice)

We'll start things off with the sweets. Julie over at A Mingling of Tastes made some coconut cake, and she's all about the 7 minute frosting. Why not 6 minute frosting? We'll leave that to the experts.

Natalie -- of Natalie's Nibbles, natch -- loves her some key lime pie, while Mumble Pie, oddly enough, pines for coffee cake. It's a screwed up world, people, we're just livin' in it.

Meanwhile, I Shot the Chef bakes something beautiful in the middle of bedlam. Can't wait to see that kitchen once it's done, Candace. If you're looking for a scoop of something to go on top, Tinkering With Dinner has you covered.

Hit the jump for more delicious bloggyness.

Miami Dish delves back into limoncello, and this time it's getting a summery treatment. If you never caught MD's How-To limoncello video, you must watch it. That John diRocco guy is a trip!

After all of last week's closings, it's a relief to see a few openings. All Purpose Dark hips us to two of them, RA Sushi and Ocean Prime.

And while this, isn't exactly an opening, a new menu is like a reopening, I guess. The even better news is that Creolina's isn't closing for good - as previously reported - just for short.

And neither of these fit into our theme, but do get some honorable mentioned. Danny at Daily Cocaine gets some for the love of pig fat, while Food Tastic does for visiting a fab sounding Cuban joint -- it's well known that Cubans also love pig fat.

Did we miss you? Let us know about your local food blog.

Next week: Cake or Pie? Two will enter, only one shall win.

-- John Linn

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