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Blog Watch: Stuff from All Over

My soul mate, the great J. Wellington Wimpy.

This week, on the (dun dun dun!!!!) BLOG WATCH:

All Purpose Dark skips town. Hey, it sounds like a good idea. Labor day weekend is upon us, and I know I'm definitely due for a road trip. Naples sounds nice, but I get the feeling the West Coast as well as the Keys could experience some of those bands everyone is talking about. Maybe Gustav won't affect Florida at all, but do you really trust forecasters?

Seems like everyone is trying to shed some weight these days, even Paula at Mango & Lime. Shrinking economy and shrinking stomachs... it makes sense, right? There's always that one food item that draws you back into gluttony though. For me it would be hamburgers. I'm like my boy J. Wellington Wimpy -- anyone want to spot me till after Labor Day?

How's Miami Dish keeping cool? With the sangre de verano, naturally. Both of these blood red jugos look mighty refreshing... I wonder if you can make a cocktail with them? If you know, holler back.

Is it just me, or is the photography at I Shot the Chef amazing or what? I made fried rice myself this week, and it didn't look close to this good, and I was the one eating it. Helps to have a hubby that's an amazing photographer, I guess. Oh, and happy blogday, IStC!

More after the jump...

Apparently, calcium has a taste, and to some people that taste sucks. I dunno, spinach, broccoli, collard greens - 3 of my favorite vegetables there. Coincidentally, I have never broken a bone. Knock on wood.

Tinkering With Dinner brings this really awesome list to our attention: The Omnivore's Hundred. It's basically a scavenger hunt for foodies, but Bill takes it to a new level with by adding items you've cooked. I'm going to post my results to this list tomorrow, so stay tuned.

At Sup, John previews a Mexican food round-up that will appear in the Sentinel's Showtime section tomorrow. He also posts a cool vlog with the owner of the Whole Enchilada, where I am going to lunch today, in fact. I've heard great things.

-- John Linn

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