Blood Red Freaktoberfest Lager Has 6.66% Alcohol

For a long time, Halloween was all about the kiddies.

But in today's Peter Pan complex of a society, growing up and letting go of the games and traditions of our youth never seems to happen. And so Halloween has grown up, too. 

Instead of silly pranks and adorable ghosts, we've got gory horror films, terrifying haunted houses, and Sexy Anything costumes. 

If we're going to be turning grown up tricks, we should probably have some grown up treats. 

And so Smaltz Brewing Company's Coney Island Freaktoberfest has shown up just in time. 
That's a bloody good beer.
That's a bloody good beer.
Shmaltz Brewing Company

This blood red lager really hams up the Halloween element. The alcohol content has been carefully dialed in to 6.66% ABV.

Shmaltz Brewing Company's main line of beers is He'Brew, The Chosen Beers, which is a full line of irreverently named Kosher beers. The Coney Island brews are a special side project of Shmaltz owner and brewmaster Jeremy Cowan

"In 2008, we decided to kick off a sideshow inspired craft beer line to help raise money for Coney Island USA. Shmaltz now has seven Coney Island Craft Lagers including Coney Island Lager, Albino Python, Sword Swallower, Human Blockhead, Freaktoberfest, and Mermaid Pilsner. For over 125 years Coney Island has been and continues to be America's Playground. Shmaltz Brewing is ecstatic to celebrate that flavor, spirit, and future through this exceptional line of unique craft lagers."

Frighteningly scarce, you can pick up your own bloody bottle at local Whole Foods and World of Beer locations.


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