Blue Plate Lunch Specials at Rack's Downtown Eatery & Tavern

Rack's (reviewed here) does from-scratch, comfort-style food everyday. Some things are expensive there, but the scenery -- and quality -- is often worth it.

Well, $12 is all it takes to get you lunch at Rack's. It's daily blue plate specials cost only a dozen cool ones (plus beverage purchase). That's not a bad price for a lunch in Mizner, especially with the healthful list of blue plate items Rack's is offering.

Try a grilled salmon sandwich, chicken caesar salad, or goat cheese salad for that price. The restaurant's hefty "three napkin" burger made with Harris Ranch beef, caramelized onion, thick-cut bacon, and a fried egg on top is ordinarily $14 -- during this offer, it's $12.

Chef Danaher will sub out new item on the blue plate menu daily. On recent day, he did a burger topped with jalapenos and shredded barbecue pork spare ribs. Call 561-395-1662 for the menu each day, or for reservations.


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