Boardwalk Fresh Burgers to Debut in Boca

The latest shot in our ongoing Burger Wars is chambered and ready to fire with the coming debut of

Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries,

set to open in November in Boca Raton's Shops at Boca Grove. 

The Maryland-based chain of patty purveyors, which seems to be a Five Guys-ish knockoff, has big plans for our fair state, with the Boca outlet and another in Orlando being the first two corporate-owned eateries of a projected 48 more franchised Boardwalks throughout the state.

The menu is your basic (ground) meat and (fried) potatoes fare, with both single and double burgers that can be modestly customized with different buns, cheeses and garnishes. The hype is the meat is never frozen and the fries are hand-cut daily.  

There's also a trio of specialty burgers, some chicken sandwiches and wraps, a handful of salads and for dessert, funnel cake fries, a gringo version of Mexican churros. Can I get an, "Ole!"? Or maybe just a, "Boy howdy!"


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