Boca Raton Swami Juice Delivers Cold-Pressed Juice To Your Door

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When was the last time you had a fresh, cold-pressed juice? That's right: When you actually had the time (and money) to cut, clean and prep all that natural, organic produce, whip out that expensive Norwalk juicer (we wish!), then patiently wait while as it macerates and drains all that fresh juice. Lunch at Starbucks, instead? Yeah, that's what we thought -- it's been awhile.

But what if you could order up a day's worth of juicing -- or better yet -- have it delivered to your door, any time you feel like it? That's basically the deal offered up by Swami Juice in Boca Raton. The small, start-up juicing company is all about grass-roots values, neatly packaged into 16-ounce glass bottles filled with nutrient-dense juices produced by a hydraulic cold press that extracts the highest yield of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the fruits and vegetables.

"It was important that these juices not only taste good, but -- more importantly -- be good for you," Swami Juice co-founder Kelly Koleos told Clean Plate Charlie during a recent interview. "[Before starting Swami], I had juiced, but I never really liked the way any of them tasted. These, I could literally chug."

Today, it's hard to believe the Swami mission "to make customers aware of what the body and mind need for nourishment to run at optimal levels, and what you stand to gain from doing so," began just one year ago when Koleos and life partner Stephen "Jak" Jakobot began juicing. Both South Florida yoga instructors, the couple decided to start Swami Juice not long after. However, several months after founding Swami, Jakobot lost his life in a fatal car accident, leaving Koleos to carry on alone. Today, Swami Juice is now a four-woman project, including Koleos' mother, sister and new business partner, Jacquelyn Katz, a fellow yoga teacher, holistic health counselor and owner of Red Carrot Wellness in Fort Lauderdale.

The collaboration has proved fruitful; in the past several months the Swami Juice line has gone from five original recipes to more than 10 juices priced at $10 for a 16-ounce bottle ($5 for 8-ounces). The ever-growing Swami menu currently includes Jakobot and Koleos' signature juices like the "Sunscreen," made with carrot, orange, apple, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. They also offer several "green" drinks dubbed "The Bush Doctor," "Yo Greens," "Swami-ade," and a new, all-vegetable "Zeus Juice" that features bok choy, fennel, kale, Romaine lettuce and turmeric. Swami has also become well-known for its 1 to 5-day juice cleanses, priced $65 to $325. And, unlike many cold-pressed bottled juices that add too much fruit to appeal to the masses, the high-vegetable content of each Swami recipe has made them popular for local patrons battling illness through nutrition.

Interested in juicing? Just swing by the Swami Juice headquarters, a small production facility that also serves as a retail location where customers can place and pick-up orders. Here, a custom-designed industrial juicer allows for a two-step, cold-press process that ensures maximum nutrient content is retained for each juice. Bottled in 16-ounce glass -- not plastic -- each juice is date labeled to expire 96-hours after production. It's one reason why Swami Juice does not sell to local retailers, or have a fully-dedicated storefront: most juice is made to-order, and is typically delivered or picked-up by patrons within hours of being made.

"We want to keep the quality and integrity of our product to an absolute standard," said Katz. "Of course, the drinks are good for several days after [production], but we prefer they be used before the date on the label to ensure the most nutrients are being consumed."

As demand grows, so will Swami Juice's plans for expansion, including their first South Florida juice "bar" in Fort Lauderdale. For now, if a drive to the Boca Raton retail location isn't do-able, you can ask for delivery for an order of six or more 16-ounce bottles. Swami currently delivers from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, and uses several Broward and Palm Beach County yoga studios and two Veggie K's locations in Sunrise and Weston as convenient pick-up locations. Amass 10 bottles or more, and you qualify for Swami's recycling promo: for every 10 bottles you return to them, they will give you one free juice.

"We strive to make the smallest impact on the environment, while making the biggest impact we can for the local economy, and providing our customers with the best-quality juice available," said Koleos. "It's the juice with Om."

The Swami Juice retail location is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and is located at 3100 NW Boca Raton Boulevard, suite 408, in Boca Raton. For more information about Swami Juice visit the Swami Juice website and Facebook page, or call 1-855-GO-SWAMI to place an order or schedule a pick-up. To order online you can also email Jacquelyn or Debi at jkatz@swamijuice.com, or debi@swamijuice.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.