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Bongiovi Pasta Sauce: Eat It Before Jon Bon Jovi's First Solo Show at Hard Rock

Jon Bon Jovi is coming to the Hard Rock Live tonight for his first-ever solo show with the Kings of Suburbia, and we thought it would be an opportune time to show gratuitous pictures of him inform you that his brother and dad have teamed up to bring "Great Grandma Bongiovi's" pasta sauce to the world at large.

This Bongiovi Pasta Sauce -- or the story behind the sauce -- has all the great ingredients: an old lady in Sicily, a "secret" recipe and process, a couple of generations of simmering, and a yarn about how the family didn't want to bring it to market because they didn't want to lose the homemade taste, but their friends kept pestering them.

To their credit, Jon's brother Matthew and dad John Sr. (a.k.a. "Mr. B") don't make any mention of Jon on their website and seem not to want to ride on the coattails of his band. We reached out for an an interview with the two entrepreneurs.

Matthew kindly said he would love to chat but "I do feel though it may be premature in your area since the product is not currently available in the Florida market at this time." He says that "we hope to gain Florida in the upcoming months. I would hate to see a reader interested in the product search their local markets and not find it." He promised to talk to us when it becomes available here.

Hopefully, you will soon be wandering through Publix and be able to find this amongst the Ragu and Prego, and we will catch up with Matt and Mr. B then.

Until then, you can order the sauce online. It's $24 for a three-pack and available in three flavors: Arrabiata, marinara, and garden style.

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