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Booze-Infused SnöBar Popsicles and Ice Cream Cocktails Coming to Florida: Please Suck Responsibly

Though summer is nearly over, I'm looking for every excuse to get to the pool to slurp away on a SnöBar, the new alcohol-infused cocktail popsicles and ice cream that recently announced plans to expand its product line to Florida.

After three years of product testing and figuring out how to freeze alcohol, SnöBar creators and owners Shannon and Eddie Masjedi finally debuted their line of adult-only desserts -- the very first frozen cocktails of their kind -- at resorts, bars, and beverage emporiums in Las Vegas and Arizona earlier this year.

Now the California-based SnöBar treats are coming to the Sunshine State, another U.S. vacation destination where tourists (and locals) come to enjoy beach days and pool parties all year long, Shannon recently told Clean Plate Charlie. 

Although you won't find them at a store or bar near you quite yet, keep an eye out for SnöBar at your local liquor store in the coming weeks. They will also be available at select resort pool bars across South Florida, and sell for anywhere from $8.99 for an ice pop, to $29.99 for a 1.75-liter tub of ice cream.

SnöBar -- currently available in Nevada and Arizona only -- delivers a full serving of alcohol ranging from 8 to 14% alcohol by volume in six flavors, including four ice cream and two ice pops. You serve it the same way you would traditional ice cream (just not to anyone under 21, please). You can also blend it into your favorite cocktail for an extra-creamy kick.

The Margarita and Cosmopolitan-flavored ice pops (10.9 and 14.6% ABV respectively) are by far the most popular. These two refreshing flavors are the equivalent to their liquid counterparts in every way, but come with a frozen ferocity that make them extra cool. 

I had the opportunity to sample all six flavors of ice cream and ice pops during a recent company convention. SnöBar proudly states it uses all-natural and premium ingredients, something that makes their Brandy Alexander ice cream -- a rich blend of chocolate and brandy (10.4% ABV) -- a creamy, potent frozen treat. While some were better than others (the Pink Squirrel ice cream was a bit artificial tasting), I was surprised none of them had even a hint of alcohol flavor despite the company's promise to deliver "a full serving of liquor" in about three ice cream scoops or one ice pop.

Especially good: the Margarita popscicle (pictured above), a not-too-sweet and not-too-sour popsicle that tasted just like a frozen margarita. One that just wouldn't melt, I might add. Shannon suggested serving it with a splash of fresh lime juice and sprinkling of salt in true margarita fashion.

So, how does this popsicle manage to stay frozen for so long?

None of the products are ever freeze dried -- that's important. But that's the secret, after all. No one is giving that one away.

All you'll get from Shannon is a quick summary of how SnöBar started: several years ago when she and her husband -- both California natives -- were searching for a way to combine their love of drinking and dessert.

"I love dessert, and my husband loves to drink. So we thought, 'Why not make a product that delivers both?'" said Shannon.

Just keep in mind that you still have to suck and lick responsibly. Enjoy!

For more information visit the company website, and keep an eye out for their products at your local Total Wine in the coming weeks.

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