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BO's Fish Wagon: The Best Burger in Key West

The annual New Times Best Of Broward-Palm Beach edition doesn't cover the Keys, so it seems reasonable that we could name the best burger in Key West any other time of the year. So after a recent visit down to the end of U.S. 1, I'm ready to declare a winner: BO's Fish Wagon.

That's right -- a fish wagon. Actually, it's a shack nowadays, but it got its start as a wagon on Duval 25 years ago. Now it's an open-air restaurant made of the same kind of flotsam that serves as walls at another great burger joint, Le Tub in Hollywood.

BO's most famous sandwich is the conch, which features thin strips of meat deep fried and served in French bread with Key lime mayo. It's an amazing sandwich. But the burger just might top it. It's a simple

affair: French bread, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo, and mustard. Key lime mayo if you ask.

But it's that fluffy French bread combined with a perfectly grilled burger that makes it so damned good. After all, it's often the simplest burgers that turn out to be the best. And especially when they're served from a shack in Key West.

Make sure to get it with a side of BO's airy fresh-cut fries.

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Eric Barton
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