Bourbon, Zuckerberg Inspires ROK:BRGR's Cocktail Revamp

ROK:BRGR's new cocktail menu is in the works, a revamp of the current list that's focused on old-school recipes. The restaurant has been teasing Clean Plate Charlie for weeks on the menu redo, which is based around 30-plus bourbons new to the restaurant. We can't wait to sip some Bulleit over there.

Perhaps they're using  this print for inspiration, the elaborately beautiful map of 68 classic cocktails and their foundations. It's the prize for a giveaway over on Serious Eats, if you're into free stuff.

We'd also love for ROK:BRGR to test drive this recipe for The Millionaire Cocktail, a Maker's Mark 46 drink that pays homage to Mark Zuckerberg, the 27 year old whose Facebook IPO could net the founder over 28 billion dollars. Baking spices, egg whites, and bourbon are delicious. (We could do without the grenadine.)

Look for the change at the ROK:BRGR's bar in the next couple weeks and keep your eye on this space for updates.

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