Brew Masters Premieres on Discovery Channel

Brew Masters Premieres on Discovery Channel

They've got reality programs about food innovators, food trucks, and farm-to-table restaurants. Now Discovery Channel is bringing craft beer into the reality mix with its new show Brew Masters

Brew Masters debuts on November 21 at 10 p.m. and stars none other than Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione. The premise seems simple: It will follow Sam as he travels from location to location, searching for ingredients and inspiration for his next off-kilter beer.

For those of you familiar with Dogfish Head's output, there's plenty of

off-kilter to be had. The company makes beers using ancient recipes

that are thousands of years old, adds complex ingredients like

chrysanthemum flowers and chicory, and even changes the methods of

brewing itself (its Sah'Tea, for example, is boiled in wooden casks using hot rocks!).

Adding to the sense of Discovery and innovation is Calagione. He's a

charismatic guy who's made guest appearances on talk shows and

countless events, and fans of Dogfish Head's website know that Sam already posts videos for every beer they make.

Brew Masters looks to be a promising program that will act as a portal into the world of beer. Thirsty yet?


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