Brew News: Ed Schultz Slams Florida Senate Beer Bill (Video)

This week in beer news: It seems as though the big distributors have made some more progress in the state Senate.

Senate Bill 1714 would allow for the sale of U.S. craft brew standard 64-ounce growlers but would restrict brewers who produce more than 2,000 kegs per year from selling directly to customers.

This ridiculous measure would negatively impact some of our favorite Florida breweries, like Funky Buddha and Cigar City.

Ed Schultz slams the bills and chats with Cigar City's Joey Redner about the impact.

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According to Schultz, "Small business is under attack in Florida, at the hand of what else? Big-money donors. Craft breweries are facing a crippling Republican-backed state Senate bill that would undermine small business retail operations and crush the craft industry."

WTVG Miami reports:

In short SB 1714 would force a brewhouse, like Funky Buddha, to sell their beer to a distributor and then buy it back at markup and then resell their beer to customers. Almost all believe there's more than beer at stake...

Ed slams government a law that will kill ewillies

Schultz and Redner go on to discuss the huge campaign contributions from the big breweries and distributors.

Last Monday, the bill went through the rules committee, where it received nine votes in favor and four against.

The bill is supported by Gov. Rick Scott -- big surprise -- and it pits small breweries against big business interests in the industry.

Kind of ironic in a "business friendly" Republican-led state, huh?

Stay tuned for developments.

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