Breyers Contest: Make the Next Best Ice Cream Sundae

​Sure, you can slop a few scoops in a bowl, add some peanuts, and call it a sundae. Sometimes, if you're feeling fancy, you'll twirl some whipped cream on top. That may be good enough for your family, but Breyers says, "No go!"

The company is looking for the next best ice cream sundae, and it isn't afraid to lay out some bribes to get it. Starting today, Breyers challenges you to a scoop-off. The winner will get $10,000, a trip to Chicago for a private cooking lesson, and one year of free Breyers ice cream.

But before you let Johnny run wild with the sprinkles, check out all the rules. The sundae submission must be ten ingredients or fewer. The Breyers Sundae Scoop-off contest will run through September 13. See all the deets and enter online at breyersicecream.com.

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