Brooklyn Water Bagel Planning Expansion For the New Year

The New Year is all about taking some time to evaluate the outcome of the past 365 days, and figuring out how to move forward.

This might mean taking some more time to relax, making some minor adjustments, or it could mean kicking things into high gear.

Brooklyn Water Bagel is opting for the latter and is planning some major advancements this year.

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We've all heard about the merits of New York City water, but Brooklyn Water Bagel, the shop that uses Brooklynized™ water for use in all its food, beverage and bakery products, is attempting to let more individuals taste it for themselves.

Later this month, the chain is opening its next store in Charlotte, North Carolina, followed by new locations in Boca Raton and Lake Mary, Florida.

Just as it sounds, the company uses special Brooklynized™ water, made using a proprietary technology to produce authentic-tasting New York bagels anywhere in the world.

"During recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that bagels are no longer just an ethnic specialty. Our freshly baked bagels at Brooklyn Water Bagel are becoming a staple across college campuses and neighborhoods around the country, proving that they have a more universal appeal," says Steve Fassberg, the CEO of Brooklyn Water Bagel. "We look forward to continuing our mission to 'Brooklynize' the nation this year as more customers experience the authenticity of our product and understand the importance of our key ingredient, the water."

In addition to bagels, the cafe offers a made-to-order menu, including other New York specialties like three-egg breakfast sandwiches, over-stuffed bagelwiches, scooper melts, and muffins.

Stay tuned for location details.

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