Brunch? Give 'em cereal.
Brunch? Give 'em cereal. via Flickr

Brunchables: A Boxed Meal for Your Hipster-in-Training (Video)

It's Sunday, and your kids are hungry. Before they head out for their Mozart appreciation class or their Actors Studio Improv workshop, make sure your little hipster has a good meal.

Because breakfast is blah and lunch is lame, serve them Brunchables, the new meal-in-a-box from Oscar Meyer's Brooklyn headquarters.

Who needs processed ham and crackers, when these new Brunchables come with egg frittatas, grits, dutch pancakes, and caramelized grapefruit with mint! And every Brunchable comes with a mini Cerveza, a mimosa in a juice pack, and a mini New York Times!

Watch this video from as you're feeding your child Pop Tarts and Cheerios, after the jump:

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