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Buffalo Wild Wings Giveaway - Free Wings For A Year

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Chicken Wings are to food what guitars are to rock and roll, essential; and there's no shortage of eateries serving up these fine morsels of fried poultry flesh in South Florida, but there is definitely a shortage of establishments giving them away free of charge.

That's why it's great that Southland Mall's newest cluck and suds (that's chicken and beer) factory is giving them to you just like that, free, for a year, if you're one of the first hundred people through their doors today starting at 11am.

I spoke to Manager Scott Augat about this excellent promotion and here's what he had to say

All the Buffalo Wild Wings in the country when they first open they give out free wings for a year to 100 people. There stipulations though, you can't get whatever you want whenever you want, you get a book with 52 coupons that each entitle you to 6 free wings per visit once a week. Most of em' usually have a huge amount of people show up, sometimes even the night before, there's gonna be a cop here tomorrow and a roped off line, channel 6 is gonna be here. There's nobody camping out yet.

I honestly think some of our flavors can compete with Sports Grill. I know for a fact their secret is they fry them first and then they throw em on the grill. We fry em' and then we add some love. Aint nobody got our sauces we got 14 bad ass sauces, we got a sauce called blazin, you eat like 3 of those and you're suckin on ice cubes. We'll be hosting special competitions with our blazin sauce. If you can finish 12 in 6 minutes you'll get your name on a plaque or somethin. Beer, wings, sports, we got all the essentials.

New Times: What you got for the vegetarians?

Scott: We got a veggie burger or they can just get the celery and blue cheese.

Check out our local shop on facebook at BuffaloWildWings or visit BuffaloWildWings.com

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